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Artists Statement

Living in beautiful British Columbia, where nature is so inspiring, and the people themselves a mosaic of diverse cultural backgrounds. It is no wonder that the province gives credence to one with a Artistic flare.

My name is Melodie Harvey, I am a product of Squadron Leader in the Canadian Air Force and a beautiful Fashion Model. Being brought up in the Forces enabled me to travel through Europe, and gain an appreciation for art, in it's many forms.

At the age of 11, I attended a convent in Metz, France. In the foyer of the convent was a life sized copy of Michangelo's Pieta. Often, when I was alone I would stare at this wondrous piece of marble, lovingly run my hands down Christ's arm to his fingertips, noting the veins and the musculature, to the incredible face and drapery of the Madonna. Somehow I knew I was destined to paint, and learn from this great masters works. 

My paintings are a female and male forms which I find fascinating. The body tells us so much, in a broad sense, and can reveal so much personally, that it can make you think. I also paint scenes of countryside.

I work with water based oils and oil, acrylics on Canvas, pastels and pencil.

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